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Power or Stories


Active Sensemaking Process is not linear

Active Sensemaking is a powerful methodology that makes it possible to capture the unique individual voices while at the same time uncovering larger patterns of meaning generated by those individuals.

By revealing significant patterns around challenging issues while, at the same time, retaining the individual stories behind those patterns, Active Sensemaking provides an invaluable dialogue.

What Our Clients Say


  • Director at Future Agenda /dr-robin-pharoah/ Looking at real lived experiences keeps us grounded when thinking about the future, and it allows us to think about how grand shifts and changes in society in the future — how they will play out on the ground, in real lived experiences. /assets/images/advisors/robinpharoah.jpg
  • Pioneer in Human Systems Dynamics /hsd-and-spryng/ This powerful tool captures stories and reflections of individuals and aggregates them into patterns for the whole. The simple visualization and analysis techniques allow sense-makers to zoom in to see local situations and zoom out to get a sense of the whole. We work with patterns across the whole range of human systems, and Spryng is the best platform we’ve found to make meaning and find shared understanding for indivduals and groups of all kinds. /assets/images/advisors/glendaeoyang.png
  • Chair | BC Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal /power-of-stories-premier-award/ I couldn't be prouder of the team at the BC Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal tonight. They were awarded the Premier's Award ..for our Active Sensemaking project /assets/images/Emily.jpeg
  • Keith McCandless /liberating-structures-sensemaking/ Invitation to tell the story is a sign of respect. And then, in that telling of the story is also enough respect that you believe that solutions can be generated out of that trusting relationship. /assets/images/advisors/keithmccandless.jpg unveils patterns of meaning-making by prompting individuals to share succinct anecdotes and their insights, seamlessly integrating qualitative and quantitative data derived from these anecdotes and insights.

Interact with self-interpreted stories and anecdotes.

Visualize them in landscapes, heatmaps, 3D-scatter plots, Crosstabs and more.


90+ languages powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Audio, Video and Text Transcription and Translation.


Generates and brings together qualitative and quantitative data.

Focus on your research and not on the tools.


Don't repeat yourself.

Create libraries of research tools and save as building blocks for future projects.


Fractals and Zooming provide a sense of scale and context.

Deep dive into stories and anecdotes and zoom in & out to see contexts, connections and the bigger picture.


Harmonizing Individual Insight & Collective Understanding in Longitudinal Exploration

Enhance collective sensemaking through personal retrospectives, embracing complexity and human uniqueness to navigate ambiguities and elevate outcomes in longitudinal studies.


Collaborative Innovation: A Conversation with Emily Drown

Join us in exploring the journey of the BC Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal's award-winning project with Emily Drown, as she delves into the power of collaborative innovation, active sense-making, and human-centered design...

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The Women’s Refugee Commission report was prepared by a research team who worked with Laurie Webster who guided the Active Sensemaking study.
Dr. Robin Pharoah's report, 'Lifting Our Sights: The Transition Journey,' provides insightful findings on the transition of ex-Service personnel to civilian life, revealing a Transition Journey model and key insights from detailed accounts and data analysis.
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The Review of Inclusive and Special Education in the Yukon was prepared by Dr. Nikki Yee with a consultant who guided the Active Sensemaking study.