What is Active Sensemaking and how can it draw on the wisdom of people to gain powerful insights and improvements for schools? (15 minutes)

The structure of an Active Sensemaking Study (2 minutes)

Hands-on Time in a Study (55 minutes)

  1. Creating the Initiative (walk through study purpose and organizing)
  2. Designing the story template (Discover – prompting questions, Design – sensor components, Test – overview of verify)
  3. Preparing participants (explore the marketing landscape)
  4. Collecting responses (the collection – simulation)
  5. Analyzing responses (exploring results in signifiers, clusters, patterns)

Applications for schools and education (3 minutes)

Examples of Applications of (2 minutes)

Membership Options and support (2 minutes)

Q &A (15 minutes)

Join a Schools and Education Pilot

You can take the first step to access and leverage your education stakeholder experiences and wisdom, far exceeding what is possible via assessments, surveys, interviews, and meetings, with an Active Sensemaking Pilot. You will have an Active Sensemaking consultant to work alongside you and your organization in an apprentice-like model, following Active Sensemaking principles on the Spryng platform.

The advantages of using Spryng Education studies can be a game changer. But most organizations are unexposed to the approach and opportunity. Introducing this approach to an organization is something done carefully and incrementally. We believe experiencing this is a critical step to understand and leverage this approach for your organization’s benefit. A carefully designed study that is introduced safely and produces tangible results for individuals (experientially and for their work) and for the organization can open the door to continued learning and growth.

One valuable benefit of Spryng/Active Sensemaking is to help people become more collaborative, creative, and effective within and across their organization. This is about increasing capacity to adapt and innovate. We encourage you to go down this path because not changing could be disastrous. But try wisely. Spryng gives you some options to explore and test these new (we think revolutionary) ideas.

A first step is to participate in a Live Demo – explore and see the basic steps we take to conduct an initiative. Invite a group from your organization to participate so you can evaluate the experiences together. Then evaluate and imagine what this new kind of information could do for your organization.

The second is to conduct a pilot study within your organization. A pilot study should be small, well focused, and relevant to a current or emerging issue affecting your organization. It should be sufficiently relevant to most if not all people involved in the department, group, or organization. Make it affordable, streamlined so that people can contribute without cutting too much into their daily responsibilities. It should also be conducted in a short enough time so that results are still relevant to the issue and current situations in your organization. We will help you design and implement it and keep it affordable. This gives you a change to experience the whole process and benefit from the results without having to master learning the practice and the Spryng platform. But you will get to know the practice and the platform. Take the experience and results to others in the organization and explore what this new kind of information and insights can bring your organization. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affirmed people are to tell their stories without fear of reprisals.

What you do with a pilot study can be reworked easily into more studies and larger initiatives. Step by step people will recognize that others’ voices matter, that opportunities and challenges can be addressed. Success will breed more success. People’s personal experiences with this will begin to change how they communicate and interact and these changes will change patterns in your organization. This is what has happened with organizations who took the time to explore and try something new like this.

Costs for pilots can range from $5,000 to $24,000 depending on the scale and scope of the study. We will work with you to fit your readiness and situation to your means.