Agile enablement with the power of Active Sensemaking

Explore and see the basic steps we take to conduct an initiative. Invite a group from your organization to participate so you can evaluate the experiences together. Then evaluate and imagine what this new kind of information could do for your organization

You can take the first step to revitalizing Agile in your organization with an Active Sensemaking Pilot. You will have an Active Sensemaking consultant to work alongside you and your organization in an apprentice-like model, following Active Sensemaking principles on the Spryng platform.

The advantages of using Spryng Agile studies can be a game changer. But most organizations are unexposed to the approach and opportunity. Introducing this approach to an organization is something done carefully and incrementally. We believe experiencing this is a critical step to understand and leverage this approach for your organization’s benefit. A carefully designed study that is introduced safely and produces tangible results for individuals (experientially and for their work) and for the organization can open the door to continued learning and growth.

One valuable benefit of Spryng/Active Sensemaking is to help people become more collaborative, creative, and effective within and across their organization. This is about increasing capacity to adapt and innovate. We encourage you to go down this path because not changing could be disastrous. But try wisely. Spryng gives you some options to explore and test these new (we think revolutionary) ideas.



“Sprynging into Action is like a gourmet nine course meal where you get to experience soup to yummy dessert.
Even better -- you are able to watch the skilled chefs perpare your Active Sensemaking meal, seeing all that is invloved. ”
“In the face of massive upheaval and uncertainties, wise leadership of our organizations and institutions has never been more critically important.
But the foundation of wise leadership is deep awareness and insight into context—a meaningful understanding of what’s going on.
Spryng offers a uniquely powerful methodology and effective tools that yield the awareness and insights needed to empower wise leadership decisions.
Complete with the ‘Sprynging into Action’ support resources, Spryng is ready to help you gain the information you need for your most challenging decisions. ”