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Who are we?
Laurie Webster
Barrett Horne

With a deep appreciation of complex human systems, Laurie Webster & Barrett Horne are long-time practitioners of Active Sensemaking. Their experience runs the gamut of the entire process from initiative creation, to engaging stakeholders, to making sense of the story data, to drawing out implications. Clients are equipped to walk away with a deeper understanding and practical insights for wise next actions.

During this Q&A, some possible questions people may ask include:
  1. What is Active Sensemaking?
  2. Can you explain the difference between Active Sensemaking and a survey?
  3. What types of project are good for this approach?
Thank you for your interest in joining us on:
  • Wednesday, March 9th at 6:30 PM EST (UTC -5) or
  • Tuesday, March 22nd at 11 AM EST (UTC -5)

The link will be sent two hours before for this live session. Feel free to forward the sign-up link to anyone interested in Active Sensemaking.